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What is "Cashback"?
Cashback means you'll receive a specified portion of your money back on your purchases. As a registered and logged-in user at, you have the option to click through to the store where you buy, which will refund you part of the purchase amount (a certain percentage of the purchase price or as a fixed amount)
How does work?
Registered and logged-in users of can receive up to 25% of the value of purchases on the Internet. You need to go through the to a selected store listed on the offer. Once you visit the store and make a purchase, the value of that purchase is recorded on your user account at Each store has a set purchase reward amount. These await approval on your user account and then payments can be claimed. The money will then be transferred to your bank account.
How do I order goods and get cashback?
To get cashback rewards you need to begin shopping on Once you enter the store, complete a normal purchase. The reward is registered within 48 hours.

You will need to go to the store through to ensure that your visit as well as the value of the purchase will be recorded.
Do payment and shipping methods have any effect on cashback?
Forms of payment and shipping have no effect on the resulting cashback reward value. Choose any of the modes of transport and payment provided.
When are rewards approved?
Once a purchase is completed and registered, your reward will be pending approval. The usual confirmation time can take between 14 and 70 days. We cannot influence this timeframe as it is carried out by another provider and is related to the legal deadline of 14 days for the return of goods without reason. Cashback will not be paid for returned goods or cancelled orders.
What is the minimum value for payment of rewards approved?
Once you have reached the minimum balance of 5 € in approved purchases, you can request a payout. Once a payout is received for this amount, this minimum threshold of 5 € must be reached again.
How long does it take to pay a reward?
We will issue a transfer order to your bank account within 5 days of your request for payment.
Do the approved bonuses have an expiration period?
Your rewards can be paid at any time. No expiration time is applicable.
Why haven’t some of my orders been registered?
Orders must be completed immediately upon clicking into, without visiting any site other than that of the store. Do not leave this for later as it may not register your order.

If you use Adblock to block ads installed on your browser, your reward will not be recorded. Make sure to set this not to block the site.

In the event that your order is not recorded, please send us your order information: the store where you made the purchase, the order number, shipping amount and the order date. We will review the order and do our best to get your reward to your account.
Why have I not yet received the payment I requested?
If you do not receive a requested payment on your account within 7 days, please contact us and we will investigate the matter.
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